Supply of Machine and Equipment Material & Parts for stringing sector (Electricity ,Telecommunication, underground & on the ground.

Temakar Company is representative of a famous company in this field which , is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of machines, equipment, tools, instruments and accessories to be used for constructing and maintaining electricity transmission lines and for laying underground cables. This company developed a wide experience in bidding for many international tenders issued all over the World. Often these international tenders require offers for complete packages or ask for some of items, including items of quite different nature: machines, working structures, equipment, mechanical tools, electronic measuring instruments, insulators, transformers, cables and so many other types of products, with best quality and competitive price. Because of this necessity, we established a wide range of agreements with manufacturers, which, on case by case basis, we select accurately according to the technical specifications and standards required by each particular tender.

All machines are manufactured with following latest technology features / performances

• – Diesel engines in accordance with the latest restrictive European pollution rules.

• – Electric / Electronic control panel with controls and instruments for easy operations

• – The electronic control panel allows the application of the radio controls

• – Ease of set-up

• – Central lifting hook to allow an easy handling lifting

• – Excellent ratio between the weight and pulling performances

– Availability to use an electronic recorder device to record the stringing parameters


• All pullers have the incorporated reel winders for pilot rope reels

• The reel winders guarantee the correct counter pull necessary safety pulling operations

• All pullers are equipped with pull control devices to guarantee the safety during the stringing operation


• All tensioners have the replaceable nylon sectors

• An hydraulic system allows a constant tensioning force, independently from the speed

• Twin, triple, four and six bundle tensioner, allowing independent control for each conductor

• All the tensioners can be fitted with engine for pull back operations.


• All Machines are made with an hydraulic system for pull setting and control; to increase the safety factor

• The machines are provided with:

o hydraulic circuits able to detect the tension on the ropes and conductors

o presetting pull control device.

o These two features allow the machine to automatically stop the stringing operation if the tension on the conductors reaches the presetting pull value.